Classic Italy

Italian sketches from Yuri Buzhor
I won’t do it anymore. Never. I walk around the edge when I say that Juliet’s balcony in Verona is actually a sarcophagus. They threw out some nonsense left there…

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Frost couture, or the height of the ski fashion
Perfect winter break! What does that require? Sparkling snow trails under the sun. Skiing. Snowboard. The frosty air of the mountains. Warm evening light in the windows of restaurants and…

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Italy. Middle Ages: 9 of the most spectacular events in August
In August, all of Italy seems to be returning to the past. Almost every city hosts knightly tournaments, theatrical performances, reconstructions of historical events, united by one theme - the…

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Italian Riviera (Liguria)

All this part of the Italian Riviera is unusually attractive. In the wide and deep bay opened in front of us, Santa Margherita appears, then Rapallo, Chiavari. Even further Sister Levante. The yacht, turning on the other side, glides a short distance from the cliffs, and now, at the end of this cape, which we just circled, a hidden gorge suddenly opens where the sea penetrates, almost indistinguishable from thickets of pine, olive and chestnut trees. A small village, Portofino, is expanding like a crescent moon around this calm bay …
(Guy de Maupassant)
Leisure paints
Italian riviera
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Italian islands and islets

Island Italy is a vacation for every taste. There is a place here for desperate misanthropes – for this there are uninhabited small islands where you can become a Robinson for a while, until you return to love for people and civilization.
Italian islands
Continental Italy is far from all of Italy. These are also islands, the largest and most famous of which are Sicily and Sardinia. But there are also small islands – small in size, but not in significance and beauty. The largest of the small Italian islands (this is its unofficial name) – Elba, with an area of ​​223 sq km, belongs to the Tuscan archipelago. The closest major city on mainland Italy is Florence. 28 thousand inhabitants of the island are engaged in agriculture and tourism industry. The first association with the name of the island is, of course, Napoleon. He was there in 1814, and since then Elba has become a place of Continue reading

What is Classic Italy?

Almost all year round various excursion tours to Italy are popular. You can get acquainted with the most interesting Italian cities during the week this winter even for 300 euros. For those who are going to make such a voyage for the first time, some advice from our correspondent Fedor Yurin, who has worked as a guide on the routes of the “classic” for a long time, will be useful.
To begin with, I want to note that a week-long bus ride, albeit through the most beautiful cities in the world, but in an unfamiliar company and at a fast pace, is quite a hard job. And yet, such inconvenience is more than compensated by the abundance of interesting monuments, the beauty of cities, amazing food and wine – all that the locals unite with the concept of “Bella Italy”.
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Northern Italy

The north of Italy is the lapel of the Italian “boots”, the country of the Alps, a paradise for skiers and the most international region of the country, bordering Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland and France. Here you can successfully combine skiing in the world famous Val d’Aosta or Dolomiti di Brenta with shopping in Milan, the canonical fun of San Remo and the melancholy charm of Venice.

If the basis of South Italian cuisine is pasta and olive oil, then the north is corn, rice and butter.
Northern Italy
Italians themselves divide the north of the country into two large regions – the Northwest (provinces of Piedmont, Liguria, Lombardy and Val d’Aosta) and the Northeast (Emilia-Romagna, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Trentino-Alto Adige and Veneto) . Continue reading


Anyone who looks at a geographical map that depicts the Apennine Peninsula, which is incomparable in contour and protrudes into the Mediterranean Sea, can easily find Italy by recognizing it by the clear outline of the “boot” profile.

The Russian tour operator, who must indicate to the potential client where the rest or travel destination in Italy, which he intends to visit, will not experience any difficulties: the boundaries of the contact of Italy with the sea are so obvious that they are easily perceived and remembered. And the client, who first gets acquainted with the catalog of a tour operator or an illustrated tourist prospectus, easily recognizes the geographical position of any Italian city or village by their architectural style and natural landscape. Italy, Continue reading

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