Classic Italy

Seven answers to the question: “Why do I need to go to Italy out of season?”
It is claimed that Italy is an off-season country. Is this true? What awaits a tourist from October to May. The answer is given by the director of the Moscow…

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Popular amusement parks
In Italy, there are a huge number of theme parks, almost every resort town has its own entertainment complex. Often, these parks are combined with zoos, botanical gardens, playgrounds, which…

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Italian winter holidays in Alta Valtellin
The Italian ski area Alta Valtellina is part of the Lombardia region and the large Alpine region of Valtellina. A significant part of the territory is occupied by the picturesque…

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Hotspots of Milan

Not only a single shopping, but also the nightlife is famous for the glorious city of Milan. We bring to your attention some of the hot spots in which you can successfully spend your hard-earned money that you did not have time to leave on Montenapoleone …

Three huge halls accommodating 2,000 people, the most diverse music. Famous DJs have weekly club concerts.
Music: for every taste, every night is different.
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Magic masks of Venice

It is impossible to change fate. But there is a place on Earth where once a year you can CHANGE a lot – face, clothes, habits, desires, gender, age. From a slave to turn into an EMPEROR, from Cinderella to a PRINCESS, from a housewife tortured by children and cares into a seductive COLOMBINA, from a prudent businessman to a carefree HARLEQUIN.

In order to survive all these wonderful TRANSFORMATIONS, you just need to be in VENICE in February. Imagine: you wander along a dark and tangled Venetian street along the coast of a narrow canal. Winter. Night. Fog. It smells like oranges. And, like oranges, the dull and yellow Venetian lanterns glow in the fog. You are far from the center, and the noise of the festive crowd does not reach you.

And suddenly a strange shadow appears on the barely lit surface of the canal, and the whisper of the waves driven by the oar of the gondola breaks the silence. You rush to the nearest bridge – from there it is more convenient to monitor how the ghost gradually takes shape. First, a cloak and a cocked hat loom. Then, gradually, a white mask appears from the darkness, covering his eyes and nose. Below – a piece of black silk, in the folds of which hide his mouth and Continue reading

Notes of a lover in Italy

Naples is a completely unusual city. It is like a cake “Count ruins”, which the mad culinary specialist decorated with cream roses. The whole city is a magnificent mountain, surrounded by greenery, houses on which are located like notes on paper – up-down, up-down.

From the view of the local ancient architecture is breathtaking. It just seems that the whole story has long been known, here it is in the palm of your hand, only reach out your hand. But no. They gathered in Naples to build a metro, and found the ancient city underground. Plans for the subway have been forgotten and postponed, and archaeologists have begun to replace the builders. Where to rush when the story wakes up? Continue reading

Spa on the volcano

Life on the volcano is possible and even beautiful – if we are talking about Ischia Island. The DT correspondent talks about thermal waters and healing procedures, as well as about food, castles, nuns and wine of one of the most famous islands of the Mediterranean.

As you know, you need to get to Ischia by boat from Naples. And Naples is such a city that everyone, as if by agreement, is described as “colorful.” And they speak with restraint about him, because – what if the interlocutor there still liked it? There are no comrades for the taste and color, and for some, linen hung from the windows, tattered walls, streets littered with garbage, and homeless people sleeping near expensive hotels will surely seem like a colorful sight.

Is this what I am writing to? And besides, after a colorful Naples and a 40-minute trip on a speed boat, where some might get sick, you don’t expect much from Ischia. Will not vomit – and thank God! And Continue reading

Frost couture, or the height of the ski fashion

Perfect winter break! What does that require? Sparkling snow trails under the sun. Skiing. Snowboard. The frosty air of the mountains. Warm evening light in the windows of restaurants and sparkling après ski. If these pleasant winter words sound in your answer – it means that the best European resorts are waiting for your skis!

You know very well – mountains in winter shine with attractive magic; Beckon hundreds of kilometers of perfectly equipped routes, snowy bends and desperate slopes. In the winter menu “Natalie Tours” you, of course, choose your own from many European ski resorts! Traditional destinations are always in stock! I would like to try a new one – try it! Here is a short tour of several resorts from a huge list of ski resorts Continue reading

Italian winter holidays in Alta Valtellin
The Italian ski area Alta Valtellina is part of the Lombardia region and the large Alpine region of Valtellina. A significant part of the territory is occupied by the picturesque…


Milky Road, inexpensive!
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Transport in Italy. Travel Tips
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Entertainment Rimini for adults and children
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