Classic Italy

Why italian food doesn't really exist
Do you know why Sicilians tend to identify themselves first with Sicily, and only the second with Italy? Because of the food. The same goes for the inhabitants of Veneto…

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Italy. Middle Ages: 9 of the most spectacular events in August
In August, all of Italy seems to be returning to the past. Almost every city hosts knightly tournaments, theatrical performances, reconstructions of historical events, united by one theme - the…

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Unusual hotels of Italy
Undoubtedly, in Italy there are a huge number of upscale hotels that meet the needs of travelers. But what to do for those who are already fed up with relaxing…

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Milky Road, inexpensive!

Frankly speaking, Italy could have had everything smaller. Sicilian gelato and leaning tower. Michelangelo’s David and Juventus Football Club. Haute Couture Week in Milan and the collapse of the Roman Empire. Cipolletto, Cipollotto, Chipollochcha and Bertolucci. So no, in Italy there are also mountains. The ski season opens on December 8 in the Alps, and this temptation is unshakable, like Spartak at the dawn of the uprising.

border = “0” In 2006, Turin was the capital of the 20th Winter Olympics, and the ski resorts located in its vicinity proudly contributed to their resume the competitions that they hosted. In Bardonecchia, snowboarders performed miracles in turns. In Sestriere, skiers practiced speed. Biathlon settled in Cesan, and freestyle in Souz d’Ulks. Continue reading

Great Italian Lakes

There are only four of them – Como, Garda, Iseo and Maggiore. Fantastic Four. If you look at the geographical map, then Como, Garda, Iseo and Maggiore will not be particularly different from each other. But in reality they are all different – with different characters, beaches and water. Exploring their secrets is more interesting than the beach, even the ocean.

Each lake of the great Italian four has its own flavor. And this is not just a metaphor. The water in Garda, for example, will differ in taste from the water in Iseo. Give it a try. Just scoop your palm. In Lake Garda, the water will be more salty, tart, and almost marine in taste, while in Iseo it will be more “watery”, more transparent, more flowing, although Iseo is not a river, but a lake. The water in Como always seems warm and a little with a touch of some sweet syrup, like a little champagne, while the water in Maggiore is Continue reading

Holidays on the lakes of Italy

The vastness of Italy is adorned with beautiful forests, fields, rivers, mountains and lakes, and the latter will be discussed. On the territory of the country there are about 1.5 thousand large and small lakes, on the shores of which tourists come from around the world, and of course, Italians themselves. The most picturesque and colorful are the lakes at the foot of the Alps – Como, Maggiore, Iseo Garda (the largest lake), Lugano and many others. The Italian lakes are dominated by a semi-Mediterranean climate comfortable for relaxation, and the area around them is planted with citrus orchards and emerald olive groves. In addition, many resorts have well-developed infrastructure, which will make the rest on the lake more intense and varied.

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Traditional italian drinks

An indispensable attribute of the Italian meal is wine. It is also used as an aperitif, served with the main dish, used as an independent dish with fruit or cheese addition. Huge areas of the country are planted with a vineyard, which makes it possible to produce different varieties of wines – white and red, sweet and dry, dessert and sparkling. Beer in Italy is almost never consumed. But a bottle of Amaretto, Sambuca or Limoncello liqueur, Grappa national grape vodka, and of course, traditional wine brought from Italy will be an excellent gift for a connoisseur of alcoholic drinks.


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National cuisine of Italy

Italian cuisine has long been very popular among residents of different countries due to the numerous pizzerias and trattorias located in different cities of the world. It can be safely called one of the main Italian “attractions”, impressive tourists on a par with the Colosseum and canals of Venice. The aromas of rosemary and basil, the taste of Mozzarella and Parmesan, will not leave indifferent either gourmets or lovers of healthy food. The fact is that the basis of the Italian national cuisine is dough, a large number of vegetables, cheese, herbs and olive oil, which makes the prepared dishes not only tasty, but also healthy.


The “hallmark” of gastronomic Italy is pasta in all its diversity. Pasta is all pasta products with different fillings, for which a lot of products are used in various combinations. The paste can be either a classic Continue reading

Rimini and Fellini
In addition to sandy beaches, various shopping and interesting excursions, there is another reason to come to the small resort town of Rimini - this is the birthplace of the…


Notes of a lover in Italy
Naples is a completely unusual city. It is like a cake “Count ruins”, which the mad culinary specialist decorated with cream roses. The whole city is a magnificent mountain, surrounded…


Great Italian Lakes
There are only four of them - Como, Garda, Iseo and Maggiore. Fantastic Four. If you look at the geographical map, then Como, Garda, Iseo and Maggiore will not be…


Unusual museums of San Marino
Surely every vacationer in the northern part of Italy, at least once heard about the small republic of San Marino, located several tens of kilometers from the coast of the…