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National cuisine of Italy

Italian cuisine has long been very popular among residents of different countries due to the numerous pizzerias and trattorias located in different cities of the world. It can be safely called one of the main Italian “attractions”, impressive tourists on a par with the Colosseum and canals of Venice. The aromas of rosemary and basil, the taste of Mozzarella and Parmesan, will not leave indifferent either gourmets or lovers of healthy food. The fact is that the basis of the Italian national cuisine is dough, a large number of vegetables, cheese, herbs and olive oil, which makes the prepared dishes not only tasty, but also healthy.


The “hallmark” of gastronomic Italy is pasta in all its diversity. Pasta is all pasta products with different fillings, for which a lot of products are used in various combinations. The paste can be either a classic color or painted in completely unusual colors. To color the paste, natural dyes are used: orange – carrot juice, green – spinach juice, burgundy – beet juice, etc. In addition, pastes vary in length. So, long pasta is called “spaghetti”, medium “mackeroni”, thin “vermicelli”, short “bucatini”, the finest “cappellini”. Real Italian pasta is made exclusively from durum wheat, which makes it easily digestible and does not slag the body. It is customary to cook pasta to the state of “al dente” (in translation – “by tooth”). As a filler, vegetables, seafood, meat, ham and other products are used. Ready pasta is usually sprinkled with grated cheese. They eat pasta as a first course, just as for dinner, many eat minestrone soup with different types of pasta.
Some restaurants in Italy where you can taste delicious pasta:
Rome: “Matricianella” (Via del leone, 4 – 00186), “Da Sergio” (Address: Vicolo delle Grotte 27, Campo de ‘Fiori), “Dell’Omo” (Via Vicenza, 18, 00185)
Florence: “La Grotta di Leo” (Via della Scala, 43-red, 50123), “Vini e Vecchi Sapori” (Via dei Magazzini 3r), “Trattoria il Contadino” (Via Palazzuolo 69-71r)


Despite the fact that pizza is not the main dish in Italian cuisine, its popularity is very high. In total, there are more than ten traditional types of pizzas, known throughout the world. For example, the classic “Margarita” has three colors of the national flag of Italy: green – basil, red – tomatoes, white – Mozzarella cheese. Inside the closed Calzone pizza all aromas are better preserved, and the Four Seasons pizza consists of four sectors with different ingredients. But the Diablo pizza is not suitable for everyone – it has a lot of hot pepper. It is better to try pizza in pizzerias where it is cooked right in front of visitors in a large oven. However, in ordinary restaurants you can taste good pizza. Traditionally, the best is Neapolitan pizza.

Best restaurants – pizzerias:

Naples: “Da Michele” (Via Cesare Sersale, 1/3 80139), “Pizzeria da Sorbillo” (via Tribunali 32), “Pizzeria Mattozzi” (Via Filangieri 16)
Rome: “Sforno” (Via Statilio Ottato 110-116), “Antico Forno Roscioli” (Via dei Chiavari 21), “Life Pizzeria Bio” (Via Cassia 701)
Venice: “Ristorante Corte Dell Orso” (San Marko 5495), “Da Mamo” (San Marco, 5251), “Pizzeria All’Anfora” (Lista dei Bari, 30174)

Meat Dishes

Italians cook fish or meat with a salad or vegetable side dish as a hot dish. Fresh vegetables are used as salads, which are already seasoned with olive oil, salt and often balsamic vinegar. As meat, veal and beef are used. Pigs are practically not bred in Italy, so pork is rarely consumed. But fish and seafood in Italian national cuisine take pride of place. Thanks to this, Italian cuisine is considered one of the most useful. Some cities have meat specialties. For example, while in Milan, you should try the “chop in Milan.” In Florence, too, there is “their” dish – “fiorentina” (beef baked with herbs). In Rome – “Schnitzel Saltimbocca”. It is advisable to order meat or fish dishes with a translator or a dictionary, since nothing costs to get confused in the names – Abbacchio alla romana, Agnello al ginepro, Bollito freddo, Cacciatora, Cervella, Fegatini di pollo, Frattaglie, Murseddu, Spezzatino, Rognone trifolato and others.
Some restaurants in Italy, famous for their meat dishes:
Milan: OSTERIA Porca Vacca (Piazzale Lavater angolo Via F. De Filippi 20129), Taverna Calabiana (Via Calabiana 3 20139), Joe Cipolla (Via Vigevano, 33)
Florence: “da Tito” (Via San Gallo 112 r), “La Spada” (Via della Spada, 62r), “Trattoria Le Mossacce” (Via del Proconsolo, 55, 50122)


Cheeses in traditional Italian cuisine play an important role, because they are used in different forms – in pure form as snacks, added to salads, sprinkled with hot dishes, used in the confectionery industry. The most famous cheeses are parmesan.

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