Anyone who looks at a geographical map that depicts the Apennine Peninsula, which is incomparable in contour and protrudes into the Mediterranean Sea, can easily find Italy by recognizing it…

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Seven answers to the question: “Why do I need to go to Italy out of season?”
It is claimed that Italy is an off-season country. Is this true? What awaits a tourist from October to May. The answer is given by the director of the Moscow…

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What to visit in Vatican
Going to Rome, most tourists "want to visit the Vatican" and do not even realize how absurd this phrase sounds. The fact is that the Vatican is almost impossible to…

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Hotspots of Milan

Not only a single shopping, but also the nightlife is famous for the glorious city of Milan. We bring to your attention some of the hot spots in which you can successfully spend your hard-earned money that you did not have time to leave on Montenapoleone …

Three huge halls accommodating 2,000 people, the most diverse music. Famous DJs have weekly club concerts.
Music: for every taste, every night is different.
Entrance: the price depends on the program of the evening.
Where: Garibaldi, Via Valtellina 25, Tel. 02-

Aqua Disco LA RUMBA
Summer disco, pools open day and evening. Animation, performances and live music. In the summer park there is an Italian restaurant and an Argentinean grill, live music.
Music: Latin American at the Isla Tropical disco, varies for different programs.
Cost: 6/10? plus consummation.
Where: Via Airaghi 61, Tel. 02-

American disaster
An institution in the style of the 70s with more than 100 seats.
Music: Salsa and Merengue.
Youth audience.
Entrance: 8? plus consummation.
Where: rn Center, Via Boscovich 48, Tel. 02-

Beau geste
A fashionable place, on Thursdays it turns into a gay club, on Saturday it is open for young people, on Sunday it works as an exhibition center. On Wednesday evening, a fashionable audience gathers. Approximately 600 places. Music: hip hop on Wednesday, house on weekends.
motley audience.
Worth: 10/15? plus consummation.
Where: Center, Piazza Velasca 4, Tel. 02-80.57.772

Caffè roma
Elegant, expensive, fashionable place. Suitable for generous wallets.
Music: Revival, miscellaneous.
Audience: professionals and mods.
Cost: 10? Consumation at the bar, 15? first consummation at the table, you can have dinner.
Where: Center, Via Ancona 4 – Milan, Tel. 02-

Cafè atlantique
One of the most chic establishments in Milan, look hi-tech, a restaurant and a disco bar.
Music: different, live music on Wednesday after 22.
Public: prosperous Milanese.
Cost: 10/15? plus consummation.
At the entrance, face control.
Where: Città Studi, Viale Umbria 42, Tel. 02-

One of the most fashionable places often visited by models and VIPs.
Music: depending on the program.
Strict customer selection.
Cost: 10/15? plus consummation.
Where: Garibaldi, Corso Como 14, Tel. 02-

Gasoline club
Сlub underground (located in the basement), a favorite place for a gay audience that does not obey the rules and love fashion.
Music: mostly house, always at a high level.
Audience: transgressive; on Sundays “Tea Dance”, a musical aperitif for beginners.
Cost 8/15? plus consummation.
Where: Garibaldi, Via Bonnet 11 / A, tel. 02-
Hollywood rytmoteque

The legendary, famous Milanese disco, where you can often meet VIPs, models and football players. More than 600 places.
Music: various, from dance to hip hop.
Audience: people who want to show themselves, secular lions and lionesses.
Where: Garibaldi, Como 15 tel. 02-65.98.996

A stone’s throw from the Cathedral, not quite a disco, but rather a popular institution in the old style with impeccable service.
Audience: owners of factories, newspapers, ships … They come not to dance, but to show themselves.
Music: different.
The clientele is most selective – naturally, strict selection at the entrance.
Cost: Do not forget your “Gold” card.
Where: Center, Piazza Diaz 1, Tel. 02-80.48.37

One of the best only gay discos in the city: the name fully matches the place where you are immersed in the atmosphere of a medieval prison full of secret passages, lobbies and chains. A place for many, but not for everyone.
The music is different.
Audience: predominantly gay.
Price: Unknown.
Where: center, Piazza Castello 1, Tel. 02-86.03.07

The old fashion cafe
Located in the Palace of Arts, an elegant setting with a restaurant and a disco, house music sounds and good animation is organized.
Music: on Thursdays and Saturdays house, live music on Friday. On Wednesdays, “international evenings” for young people. Do not miss Monday – evening among models and VIP.
Price: 5/16? plus consummation.
Where: Center, V.le Alemagna 6, Tel. 02-80.56.231

Hotspots of Milan
Not only a single shopping, but also the nightlife is famous for the glorious city of Milan. We bring to your attention some of the hot spots in which you…


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