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Atypical Italy: how to organize a dream vacation in Bibione

On the Adriatic coast, literally an hour’s drive from Venice, there are two popular Italian twin resorts, Bibione and Lignano. In season, here, as a rule, hotels are 100% loaded. The audience is mainly Austrians and Germans. Relaxing in such an environment is pleasant, prestigious and expensive. But there are opportunities to save too.

Atypical Italy: how to organize a dream vacation in Bibione

Resort Bibione

What to choose: Lignano or Bibione?
There is a difference between the twins, however similar they may be. So, mostly families with children come to Lignano. Wide sandy beaches, riot of greenery, pine air spilled in the air and infrastructure contribute in every way to this. In Bibion, the public is more respectable. Therefore, there are more exclusive hotels of the highest category, a large thermal center, golf and yacht clubs.

One of the main advantages of both is the proximity of Venice. Such a neighborhood allows you to combine business with pleasure and to alternate lazy beach days with tours of the famous city on the water and its environs.

Where to live in the resorts of the Adriatic?
When planning your vacation in the resorts of the Venetian Riviera, first of all decide where to stay. A large selection of offers – more than 700 hotels and apartments, bungalows and villas – can confuse even experienced tourists. The best offers are sold out six months before the start of the season. And already by spring, popular aggregators can not offer anything interesting.

Therefore, when going to Bibion, it makes sense to go the other way and turn to experts for help. The largest player in the local real estate market is the Italian agency Europa Tourist Group. Their Internet service is easy to use and allows you to choose the most suitable accommodation option in both Bibione and Lignano.

Resort Lignano

3 easy steps to renting a house on the sea
To rent a house on is really very simple.

Step one. Open a special online catalog of apartments in Bibione, choose a period of residence.

Step Two Notice what type of accommodation suits you. This can be a house, apartments, bungalows, rooms, aparthotel, resort or hotel.

Step Three Add notes about the category of the object, location, number of rooms and the amenities you need. For example, such as air conditioning, an outdoor pool, satellite TV, Wi-Fi, a dishwasher or even a baby bottle warmer.

Important! Europa Tourist Group service pays attention to every detail and is as customer-oriented as possible. You can choose housing in the catalog, for example, with your own garden, or with yacht parking – there are no restrictions. Even with special requests, specialists will find the best solution for you.

Apartments that can be rented at

Online Booking
Once the best solution is found, you fill out the online booking form and make the payment. Confirmation of the order comes to the specified email address. The creators of the resource guarantee that regardless of the type and category of accommodation, vacation at the resorts of the Venetian Riviera will exceed your wildest expectations.
Nice bonuses
Booking accommodation on the service, you get many different bonuses and additional options. So, if necessary, you will be available to help Russian-speaking specialists, transfer services, organization of children’s leisure (animation, game rooms, babysitting services). Moreover, the service offers professional assistance in organizing leisure activities. The agency cooperates with many institutions in the region, and discounts are offered to customers for visits to the golf club and the thermal center. By the way, the effectiveness of treatment in Bibione Terme is officially confirmed by the Italian Ministry of Health.

Thermae Bibione

Turnkey tour or “all inclusive in Italian”
For those who are accustomed to trust their vacation to professionals, Europa Tourist Group helps organize an all-inclusive vacation. Experts organize flights, transfers and even insurance. In addition, guests will be offered excursions to Venice, Trieste and Verona with visits to museums and exhibitions, gastronomic tours, cruises and boat trips and much more. You can rent bicycles at a significant discount, order lunch or dinner from any restaurant at home, get an invitation to Europarty parties with live music, entertainment and refreshments, get an exclusive Europa Card, which opens up access to amusement parks at special prices. The package also includes a free beach spot. You can learn more about all the All-inclusive offers of Europa Tourist Group on the Russian-language website of the agency.

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