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What to see in Italy?
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Magic masks of Venice
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Rimini and Fellini

In addition to sandy beaches, various shopping and interesting excursions, there is another reason to come to the small resort town of Rimini – this is the birthplace of the great film director of the 20th century Federico Fellini. It was in Rimini that he was born, grew up, and here his eventful life ended. And although Federico left Rimini in his youth, he carried through his whole life his love for this city. So his film Amarkord was shot in Rimini and is dedicated to the director’s childhood city. And the city itself is very proud of this famous person, this can only be understood once in Rimini – the international airport is named after the filmmaker. In addition to the huge port, cobbled streets and squares, cozy cafes where everything is saturated with the spirit of a film director, there are several places, one way or another dedicated to Fellini.

1. Fellini Museum

In the house where Federico Fellini was born and raised, in 2004 a museum was opened dedicated to the great filmmaker. The museum has become quite popular both among admirers of the talent of Federico, and among other vacationers, since the entrance to the museum is free. The main part of the exposition consists of numerous awards, books and photographs. Various cultural events and temporary exhibitions are held on the ground floor of the museum. The main value of the museum is the “Book of Dreams”, where Fellini recorded his dreams. Here the director made sketches and sketches for new films.

Address: Via Nigra 26, 47923 Rimini Italia
How to get there: on foot from Rimini station (stop number 4 of land transport)
Opening hours: Tue-Fri from 16 to 19 hours, weekends 10 – 12 and 16 – 19. Monday – day off
Admission: Free
Official website:

2. Park Fellini

Despite the variety of parks in Rimini, Fellini Park is particularly popular among residents and tourists. In the park located along the city promenade, various events are held, in particular the Ice Cream Festival, children’s sports competitions. Citizens like to sit here on benches in the shade of trees. On one side of the park is the “Fountain of the Four Horses” built in 1928 by one of the residents of the city, on the other – a huge camera reminding that the park bears the name of the famous filmmaker, here you can make a memorable photo for memory. Just a ten minute walk from Fellini Park along the promenade, there is the Dolphinarium and the Ferris Wheel, so you should definitely come here.
Address: Parco Federico Fellini, Rimini, Italy
Getting there: from the station by bus line 11 to stop number 9

3. Grand Hotel

Right on Piazza Fellini, the entrance to one of the finest five-star Rimini hotels is the Grand Hotel. This is one of the few hotels in the city that has its own beach. Built in the early 20th century, the Grand Hotel since 1994 has become a national monument of Italy and is now protected by the Department of Fine Arts. The hotel rooms feature 18th-century Italian and French antiques. The Grand Hotel is particularly proud of the Venetian candelabra and restored wooden floors, which creates the atmosphere of the past.
The Grand Hotel in Rimini is incredibly popular not only for its luxurious architecture and interiors, but also for its famous guest – the famous film director Federico Fellini. Even as a child, Federico admired the chic hotel building and fantasized about the life of his wealthy vacationers. These dreams inspired Fellini to create the movie “Amarcord” – the main events of the film take place against the backdrop of the Grand Hotel. During a visit to Rimini, Fellini stayed at the Gran Hotel, always in the same room. For hours he sat in the lobby of the hotel, watching the visitors and trying to unravel their lives, hobbies, occupation. It was in this issue that he had a heart attack that caused the death of the filmmaker. Now, any vacationer, by prior arrangement, can stay in Fellini’s room (No. 316). In the lobby of the hotel is a copy of the Book of Dreams (the original is in the Fellini Museum), where you can admire the scanned pages with drawings and recordings of Federico Fellini. The Grand Hotel also has the “Fellini Hall” with photographs of the director.
In summer, the Amarena Film Festival takes place on the beach next to the Grand Hotel
Address: Parco Fellini 1, Rimini – city center, 47900 Rimini, Italy

4. San Giuliano Mare

There is in Rimini a small resort area of ​​San Giuliano Mare, located between the Marecchia River and the Port Canal, while this area ends near the most famous city bridge – Tiberius Bridge. In the quiet parks of San Giuliano Mare, both elderly Italians and young people like to spend time. After all, there is also the port of Rimini, where you can not only go around and admire the snow-white yachts, boats and boats, but also take a fascinating sea voyage “Bella Rimini”. So Federico Fellini in his childhood loved to walk along the quiet streets of San Giuliano Mare, going to small cafes or watching fishing boats in the port.

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