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Street Food to Try in Italy

It’s hard to find a person in the world who has tried pizz never  a or pasta. After all, these are the real leaders of street food in any country in the world. But, once in Italy, it would be unforgivable to ignore other delicacies that you can try right on the street.

Fried olives of Ascolana del Piceno

If you are used to the fact that olives are only in brine, then Italians are in a hurry to surprise you – stuffed and fried in batter, they are simply delicious. In the provinces of Ascoli Piceno and Teramo, olives were grown by the ancient Greeks and Phoenicians. So this production is not one thousand years old. But they began to stuff and fry them only in the 19th century. As often happens, the savvy cook helped. In noble families, after plentiful feasts, meat was often left, and so that the product would not be wasted, a technology was invented in which olives are stuffed, breaded and then fried. Use for this a special variety that has a lot of pulp. After a short fermentation, the fruits are placed in tanks with salt water flavored with fennel.

Tuscan Ribollita Bread Soup

If you ever wander around Tuscany in the fall, admiring the hills shrouded in fog, be sure to check out the local trattoria and order a plate of Tuscan ribollite bread soup. This dish, created especially for dank autumn and winter evenings, is very popular throughout the Tuscan region and in Florence. The recipe arose in peasant families in those immemorial times, when instead of plates used flat bread cakes. It is this combination – bread and vegetables – that underlies the soup. They don’t add meat there, and the lack of protein makes up for beans – an essential ingredient in soup.

Chickpea Panelle

This is one of the most delicious street food dishes you can find in Italy. And it appeared in Sicily, during the Arab rule in the X century. Despite the fact that this is a very simple dish, which is sometimes called the cookie of faith – that is, the food of the poor, in modern design it looks wonderful. As the name implies, a panel, or chickpea polenta sticks, is fried in olive oil, sprinkled with flakes of strong Italian cheese or squeezed lemon to add flavor.
Caviar of Bottarg

This famous Sicilian dish also appeared thanks to the Arabs back in the 5th century. It is prepared from caviar of gray mullet or tuna, which is salted, pressed by hand and dried in air for six months. This delicacy at first may not seem too appetizing, but do not judge until you try. Usually caviar is added to the paste, it is good with an egg and salad. These dishes are considered one of the most luxurious in Italy. If you don’t like pasta with such a specific taste, try caviar thinly sliced ​​and sprinkled with olive oil and lemon juice.

Arancini Rice Balls

Arancini is one of the most popular Italian street products, and there is every reason for this. Rice balls filled with various fillings, and then breaded, fried and served in a rich sauce – well, how not to like this? You can find many varieties of arancini on the streets of Italy, as well as in Italian restaurants around the world. Among the most popular fillings are meat, peas, mushrooms, pumpkin and cream cheese. The pride of Sicily, these rice balls can not be missed.

This dish most closely resembles the cheburek we know. Well, or kalzone, only smaller. Panzerotti in Puglia were born, have the shape of a crescent and are made of soft dough. They are stuffed with various cheeses and tomatoes before frying until crispy. When you are in Milan, be sure to check out the legendary Giuseppina Luini’s pizzerottery, founded in 1949. But if not, then panzerotti can be found in many Italian restaurants around the world. Perhaps they are not so authentic, but delicious incredible!
Roman Porketta Pork

Porchetta Romana appeared in the Roman province of Ariccia. This explains the name, which literally translates to “Roman pork.” So in Rome, you definitely do not pass by this dish. It is distinguished by an abundance of garlic and rosemary fillings, as well as a salty taste. And this is the best street food. By ordering a novel porquette, you get a panini with a piece of meat. What could be better?

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