What is Classic Italy?
Almost all year round various excursion tours to Italy are popular. You can get acquainted with the most interesting Italian cities during the week this winter even for 300 euros.…

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Popular amusement parks
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Traditional italian drinks
An indispensable attribute of the Italian meal is wine. It is also used as an aperitif, served with the main dish, used as an independent dish with fruit or cheese…

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Unusual museums of San Marino

Surely every vacationer in the northern part of Italy, at least once heard about the small republic of San Marino, located several tens of kilometers from the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Thousands of tourists from different countries come here every day to explore some of the sights and indulge in shopping, because San Marino is a duty-free zone, and any shopping center will envy the variety of goods displayed, no matter how huge it is. But why not combine business with pleasure and visit at least some of the local museums, especially since there are some very unusual and unique ones among them.

1. Museum of Curiosities

One of the most interesting museums in San Marino is the Curiosities Museum, and it is famous for its huge collection of unusual items from different eras and brought from different parts of our planet. Most of the items presented are real, although it is often difficult to believe. Each hall of this museum has its own theme. Here you can measure growth with the tallest man in the world (his height is almost 3 meters) or feel like a miniature Thumbelina next to the thickest man, whose weight was 639 kg. And next to it is a model girl with a really wasp waist. There are many other unusual representatives of humanity – dwarfs, people with the longest nails. The museum’s zoological exposition features funny flea traps, mousetraps, a giant three-meter crayfish, an egg of a prehistoric bird with a height of more than 80 cm. Well, old hairstyles made in the form of castles and ships will surely please modern fashionistas. In a word, this museum will be interesting to both adults and children.
Address: San Marino, Salita alla Rocca, 26
Official website: www.museodellecuriosita.sm
Admission: adult – 7 euros, children – 4 euros
Opening hours: daily from 10 to 18 hours, July-August from 9 to 20 hours

2. The Vampire Museum

Lovers of mysticism and horror will be able to enjoy the exposition of the Museum of Vampires, located in the historical center of the Republic of San Marino. The entrance to the museum is guarded by a pretty werewolf. However, once in the dark rooms of the museum, carrying a wax candle of “dishonesty” in their hands, only the most daring will be able to inspect all the exhibits showing all the fears, phobias, superstitions and nightmares that are somehow connected with vampires. The halls of the Vampire Museum feature esoteric rituals and satanic symbols. There is also the coffin of a real vampire with his remains and many other real artifacts – bundles of garlic, bones, amulets, magic weapons and silver coins, supposedly protecting against the attack of a vampire. Various famous monsters and vampires, sorcerers and ghosts, made with frightening naturalness in full growth, ominously peek out from the dark corners of the museum premises. Countess Bathory sits in a bath filled with virgin blood. Of course, at the head of all the described horrors is the famous Prince of Darkness – Count Dracula, the former ruler of Wallachia of the 14th century, known throughout the world for his cruelty. And of course Van Helsing!

At the Museum of Vampires there is a souvenir shop where you can buy unusual souvenirs of vampire themes.
Address: Sala Espositiva Nido del Falco, Contrada dei Magazzeni, Repubblica di San Marino
Official website: www.vampirielicantropi.com
Admission: 15 Euro

3. Museum of Torture

There is another museum in San Marino, which not every tourist would dare to visit, but it will be interesting for daredevils to spend more than one hour in it. We are talking about the Museum of Torture – a place where a huge number of exhibits acquainting with medieval instruments of torture (“iron maiden”, inquisitorial chair, “heretic fork”, etc.) are collected. The museum’s collection contains more than one hundred torture instruments, equipped with tablets describing this equipment and the method of its application by the Inquisition. Most items look almost innocent, but this is only before reading the operating instructions. Some of the torture instruments were made in the 15-17 centuries, while the rest were recreated according to the drawings and descriptions in the 19-20 centuries. The museum periodically hosts thematic exhibitions telling about the Inquisition of different countries.

Address: San Marino, Porta San Francesco side
Official website: edizionigutenberg.it
Entrance fee: adult – 8 euros, children (4-10 years) – 6 euros
Opening hours: Jan-Feb from 10-18, March-Dec from 10-19, Aug from 10-20

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