Street Food to Try in Italy
It's hard to find a person in the world who has tried pizz never  a or pasta. After all, these are the real leaders of street food in any country in…

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Northern Italy
The north of Italy is the lapel of the Italian "boots", the country of the Alps, a paradise for skiers and the most international region of the country, bordering Slovenia,…

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Travel Verona
Verona is a city with a population of 250 thousand people, known for its long and bloody history. The inhabitants of Verona are proud that more than 200 years ago,…

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environment is pleasant

Italian sketches from Yuri Buzhor

I won’t do it anymore. Never.
I walk around the edge when I say that Juliet’s balcony in Verona is actually a sarcophagus. They threw out some nonsense left there from antiquity and lifted it up in the courtyard of her house in a new quality. There was a sarcophagus of death, and became the balcony of love. Love conquers death. The former, they say, collapsed from time to time. Reconstruction.
What I was incurred to lay out the truth the other day, I do not know. I became tired.
But here – laid out. There was no balcony. There was a window. Throughout the vast vocabulary of William of our Shakespeare, in plays, in sonnets, there is no balcony. Although the concept was with him, it is necessary. And the word balcony in English too.
Obviously, someone’s young lips began to twist, and I caught a couple of gaze of unkind female eyes.
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Popular amusement parks

In Italy, there are a huge number of theme parks, almost every resort town has its own entertainment complex. Often, these parks are combined with zoos, botanical gardens, playgrounds, which allows you to diversify your vacation with children. However, there are also unique theme parks in Italy, the functions of which not only entertain visitors, but also help them learn a lot of new and interesting things. Most of these complexes are located near the coast and are designed for foreign tourists.

Italy in miniature

The theme park “Italy in Miniature” is located near the spa town of Rimini and is the oldest amusement park in Italy. Tourists from around the world gladly come here to enjoy the main attractions of the country. The main territory of the park is made in the form of an Italian “boot”, which presents both Continue reading

When to go to Italy?

In Italy there are two high seasons. The first peak begins in mid-June and lasts until the beginning of September. And the second – from mid-December to January 10. The least popular holiday months are October, April and May.

Summer in Italy
In summer, holidays in Italy are very popular. The beach season, which opens in June, is in full swing. The sea in the first summer month can be cool, therefore it is preferable to choose resorts to the south. In the next two months in the southern part of the country there is intense heat – the temperature reaches 40 degrees above zero. At this time, it is better to rest to the north. In August, when all of Europe goes on vacation, prices skyrocket. In addition, jellyfish are nailed to the coast, which makes swimming not very Continue reading

Notes of a lover in Italy
Naples is a completely unusual city. It is like a cake “Count ruins”, which the mad culinary specialist decorated with cream roses. The whole city is a magnificent mountain, surrounded…


Traditional italian drinks
An indispensable attribute of the Italian meal is wine. It is also used as an aperitif, served with the main dish, used as an independent dish with fruit or cheese…


Safety Rules in Italy for Tourists
Italy is a developed European country, quite safe for tourists. However, the degree of security depends on the region and the preparedness of the traveler. The most dangerous zones are…


Seven answers to the question: “Why do I need to go to Italy out of season?”
It is claimed that Italy is an off-season country. Is this true? What awaits a tourist from October to May. The answer is given by the director of the Moscow…