Northern Italy
The north of Italy is the lapel of the Italian "boots", the country of the Alps, a paradise for skiers and the most international region of the country, bordering Slovenia,…

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Shopping in Milan
Milan has long been considered one of the centers of world fashion, and this title is well deserved. After all, there are much more stylish things sold here than in…

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Notes of a lover in Italy
Naples is a completely unusual city. It is like a cake “Count ruins”, which the mad culinary specialist decorated with cream roses. The whole city is a magnificent mountain, surrounded…

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everywhere you can

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Milky Road, inexpensive!

Frankly speaking, Italy could have had everything smaller. Sicilian gelato and leaning tower. Michelangelo’s David and Juventus Football Club. Haute Couture Week in Milan and the collapse of the Roman Empire. Cipolletto, Cipollotto, Chipollochcha and Bertolucci. So no, in Italy there are also mountains. The ski season opens on December 8 in the Alps, and this temptation is unshakable, like Spartak at the dawn of the uprising.

border = “0” In 2006, Turin was the capital of the 20th Winter Olympics, and the ski resorts located in its vicinity proudly contributed to their resume the competitions that they hosted. In Bardonecchia, snowboarders performed miracles in turns. In Sestriere, skiers practiced speed. Biathlon settled in Cesan, and freestyle in Souz d’Ulks. Continue reading

Italian sketches from Yuri Buzhor

I won’t do it anymore. Never.
I walk around the edge when I say that Juliet’s balcony in Verona is actually a sarcophagus. They threw out some nonsense left there from antiquity and lifted it up in the courtyard of her house in a new quality. There was a sarcophagus of death, and became the balcony of love. Love conquers death. The former, they say, collapsed from time to time. Reconstruction.
What I was incurred to lay out the truth the other day, I do not know. I became tired.
But here – laid out. There was no balcony. There was a window. Throughout the vast vocabulary of William of our Shakespeare, in plays, in sonnets, there is no balcony. Although the concept was with him, it is necessary. And the word balcony in English too.
Obviously, someone’s young lips began to twist, and I caught a couple of gaze of unkind female eyes.
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Popular amusement parks

In Italy, there are a huge number of theme parks, almost every resort town has its own entertainment complex. Often, these parks are combined with zoos, botanical gardens, playgrounds, which allows you to diversify your vacation with children. However, there are also unique theme parks in Italy, the functions of which not only entertain visitors, but also help them learn a lot of new and interesting things. Most of these complexes are located near the coast and are designed for foreign tourists.

Italy in miniature

The theme park “Italy in Miniature” is located near the spa town of Rimini and is the oldest amusement park in Italy. Tourists from around the world gladly come here to enjoy the main attractions of the country. The main territory of the park is made in the form of an Italian “boot”, which presents both Continue reading

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