Why italian food doesn't really exist
Do you know why Sicilians tend to identify themselves first with Sicily, and only the second with Italy? Because of the food. The same goes for the inhabitants of Veneto…

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Resorts Bibione and Lignano. Fresh look at holidays in Italy
Why do tourists choose Bibione and Lignano? - In the Italian resorts in the high season you will not meet anyone: from the ever-fussy Chinese to the gloomy Russians. There…

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When to go to Italy?
In Italy there are two high seasons. The first peak begins in mid-June and lasts until the beginning of September. And the second - from mid-December to January 10. The…

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Venice Carnival

What to visit in Vatican

Going to Rome, most tourists “want to visit the Vatican” and do not even realize how absurd this phrase sounds. The fact is that the Vatican is almost impossible to visit for tourist purposes, since it is a closed state. However, it is possible to visit some of its parts, each of which has its own visiting procedure. Let’s see what an ordinary tourist can see on the territory of the Vatican City.

St. Peter’s Square

Getting to the Vatican is the easiest way to start from St. Peter’s Square. Admission to it is free at any time and, of course, free. However, this square was conceived as a gate to the Vatican, therefore, according to Bernini’s plan, it resembles a keyhole. Believing Catholics from all over the world gather in this square to attend the papal service and receive his blessing. It is worth paying attention to the huge Continue reading

Italy. Middle Ages: 9 of the most spectacular events in August

In August, all of Italy seems to be returning to the past. Almost every city hosts knightly tournaments, theatrical performances, reconstructions of historical events, united by one theme – the Middle Ages. Together with the Italian National Tourism Agency, TURIZM.RU chose the 15 brightest historical holidays to be held during the last month of summer in different Italian provinces.

1. Medieval August
July 30 – August 8, 2016
Ventimiglia (Province of the Empire, Liguria Region)

“Medieval August” is an annual holiday held in the Ligurian town of Ventimiglia. A magnificent sight in Continue reading

New Year: traditions and gifts from around the world

New Year around the world is considered a family holiday. But this is also a great opportunity to travel at the expense of a long weekend. Especially for those who will spend abroad from December 31 to January 1, we will tell you what will be waiting for you there, and give some tips on what should be presented as a gift and what should not be given in any case.

On New Year’s Eve, Italians are no longer scattered with old things from the windows, as we used to think. After all, Europe is also in crisis. But the inhabitants of the peninsula still believe that if you put on Continue reading

What to see in Italy?
Italy is a country of interest, inheriting amazing cultural, historical, architectural values. Italy is a country of medieval castles, stunning works of art, architectural and historical wonders. The Leaning Tower…


Italian winter holidays in Alta Valtellin
The Italian ski area Alta Valtellina is part of the Lombardia region and the large Alpine region of Valtellina. A significant part of the territory is occupied by the picturesque…


Frost couture, or the height of the ski fashion
Perfect winter break! What does that require? Sparkling snow trails under the sun. Skiing. Snowboard. The frosty air of the mountains. Warm evening light in the windows of restaurants and…


Transport in Italy. Travel Tips
Transport in Italy is developed and modern. With its help, for a relatively low price, you can overcome impressive distances, and get acquainted with several cities located far from each…